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O que se tem escrito XI...

Tranquility in the Atlantic Ocean

What appeals me most in Azores and what makes the islands so special?

A trip to Azores cannot be bought in a readymade package and requires individual planning and initiative. Regular charter flights from continental Europe does not exist and not granted by the local authorities. A wise policy! In return you get unspoiled nature, meet kind people and enjoy the big ocean that is present everywhere. It is an eldorado for photographers and everybody who likes nature. The flora is fantastic! Many plants that mostly grow closer to the tropics are common here. The soil and humidity is perfect. Grapes for local vine and the only tea producing country in Europe. Fauna is mainly maritime.

If you are lucky you can spot dolphins close to the coast and a little further out even whales. There are ideal paths for mountain walks and you find natural pools with warm water to take a refreshing dip. The beaches are fabulous, clear waters and no crowds. Regular bus service exist and taxies are not too expensive as the distances are short from one end of the island to the other.To explore all the hidden treasures the best way is to hire a car or motorbike. No traffic-jams and good driving culture.

I realize this is not an ideal destination to anyone - God forbid - but I recommend warmly a visit to the Azores for those who have seen many countries in the world. This could also be your favorite destination!

by John Koivurinta, Sibbo, Finland

Apr 9, 2000 in Culture Connect

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