segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008

LogBook II

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"From Horta, Faial, in the Azores! What an incredibly wonderful place! From the stunning green hills and volcanic mountains to the enchanting little town chock full of sailors from all over the world. I feel like this place has been waiting for me. "

"Tomorrow I will tell you more of the flavor of Horta, a centuries old port and meeting place for the sailing travelers of this ocean planet, earth."

"After falling completely in love with Horta (even though I hardly left the marina), it was tough to leave so soon. I could spend forever there meeting sailors and sightseeing! "
"Ocean Planet" - Skipper (Julho 2002)
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Anónimo disse...

A melhor publicidade que se pode ter...ainda não conheço, espero poder conhecer um dia.



Mello disse...

O Estrangeiro tem bom gosto!

Graça Mello

Lc disse...

Sou suspeito para falar, mas concordo, lol.

Lc disse...

Ao primeiro comentador, não perca a oportunidade.