terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2007


National Geographic Traveler considera Açores como sendo as segundas melhores ilhas do mundo

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"Azores, Portugal (score:84) This temperate mid-North Atlantic archipelago´s "green volcanic mountains and picturesque black-and-white towns" offer "driving tours, handicrafts, and cuisine," plus an ecosystem "in great shape" and a "strong and vibrant" Portuguese culture. "Locals are very sophisticated," but inappropriate development is beginning to appear."

in National Geographic Traveler.

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Paulaki disse...

ola! hermoso tu pais, especialmente tu isla. maravilloso tu blog con lo que mostras. gracias por dejarme conocerlo.
hi! beautiful your country, specially your island. wonderful this blog, whith all that u show here. thnk u for lettin´me know it.
kisses from argentina