domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008



"The island of Faial has proven to be a wonderful stopover en route to Gibraltar. We are anxious to depart, but we would like to linger."

"Horta is a must stop for trans-Atlantic boats. Every inch of marina concrete is covered with paintings from boaters who proved themselves simply by being there. We left our mark too."

"The new marina at Horta has been open for three years now and all visiting yachts must stay there. At six o'clock we tied up at the convenient administration dock where customs, police and port captain (all the officials with whom it is necessary to clear) are side by side and open twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Total entry fees came to less than a dollar. The marina itself is excellent with good modern floating docks, fresh water (during business hours), electricity (220 V), showers and a laundromat and all for 400 escudos a day; less than three dollars!"

"This is certainly the friendliest place I have visited, but unfortunately this will probably change as their tourist promotion starts to work and visitors become more common. In fact people who have visited before already notice a change—hurry before it is too late."

"Horta is a neat little town with cobbled streets and mosaic sidewalks. Almost everything is available in the stores and local fish and vegetables are unbelievably cheap. Even imported goods in the supermarkets are no more expensive than in the USA. There are some beautiful walks through winding country lanes bordered by blue flowering hydrangeas. Farmers on donkeys pass with a cheerful "bom dia". On one of my walks I climbed 3,000 feet to the mile wide volcanic crater or caldera in the middle of the island."

Horta - Quem nos visita, não esquece!

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Mello disse...

Ninguém consegue esquecer a maravilhosa cidade da Horta!
Falo por mim uma micaelense encantada e apaixonada pela cidade da Horta.


Graça Mello

Verdinha disse...

É impossivel esquecer este lindo lugar !
Beijinhos verdinhos